EVENT: May 13th

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daily Update & New EVENT: Maw's & Paw's from Impromptu Pop-Up Studio

Hey Ya'll!

How exciting are things getting here at TazCable.com. We have our new web-site that is getting more and more populated every day. All things Taz under one .com! Never! 

I've recently introduced Nerium International to my Career Portfolio p how cool is that?
Check out the Nerium products THAT WORK - tazcable.Nerium.com or Visit my website and click on the link on the right hand menu bar. 

Olde Virden's is still the Hottest item I got! Hot Hot Hot you can now get this pepper goodness at:

McKee Outdoors - Maryville, TN

Geno's Pit Stop - Greenback, TN



Maw's & Paw's Pop-Up Studio for Mother's Day

MAY 13th 2017

5 & 10 Minute Appointments

Digital Packages Starting $6.99

Digital & Print Packages
Starting at $12.99


Be Sure to Book May 13th or Call 865-640-3313

Monday, May 1, 2017

What do you do, Taz?

FINALLY! I have a job description and a CAREER that supports my gypsy lifestyle. I am asking for support and feed back. I trust that I have finalized a business model for myself recently and I very excited to tell you all about it and the brief direction in which I  would like to see me go.

Planning is hard for me because when I plan - it back fires. So I have chosen Job Description instead of Plan because even if my methods don't work I will continue to tweak them so that they do. You see what I do for other people in business -  it's hard to do for my personal concepts because I am always trying to solve problems - it never stops. "Crazy? I was Crazy Once. They locked me in a room..."   When I do this for others there is a stopping place or goal. So now here are mine goals. Finally.

My name is Taz Cable I am a Blogger and Photographer. I am new to both so I have to depend on my past a little to continue #MyRide. By that I mean. I wear lots of hats. It's How I roll. I am a Brand Developer for Olde Virden's Red Hot Sprinkle out of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I do a small part for Chris & Allyson Virden who created the smooth heated pepper blend. I do so by talking to small businesses as I travel. I write a blog about these places I visit. The Good, The Fun and The HOT SPOTS of America.
I am adding to my empire using the Nerium International Direct Sales Platform. I do this because it is a proven reliable platform. I don't have to carry 100,000 products around with me. Their entire catalog not only works and defies the entire aging process but they just recently expanded to only 10 products including a wellness line.
While I work to build my empire using two very strong products I have to keep gas in the RV and Food in  the belly by helping small businesses with creative and innovative marketing. I even help with web, videos and photography for marketing and promotions.
I also travel to Arts and Craft Shows with Purposely Framed where I shoot photographs of the area. I purchase my frames for the show at local Thift Stores. When at the show I build local sets and shoot photos at my booth make those and the local land mark prints available in the repurposed frames.

 In Short I am a Creative Consultant Gypsy with a Strong Marketing, Promotions and Trial and Error in their background.

It's taken a long time for me to get to this point. My head can finally focus on something(s). yeah notice the (s) it has to be that way.  Something new every day but yet a focus beyond - that's what I wanted.

There are a lot of people I should thank personally and probably in public for what they have done to support me over the last few years. They know. I even have some of those people that were or created stumbling blocks for me over the last few years that should get the same credit. They Know too.

Most importantly, now, I know.

So as I look good, now feel good and travel the US with my butt on fire helping others on many levels and meeting the small businesses and small towns of America I am focused in more ways than one.

TAZCABLE.com will now always make getting in touch with me for whatever I am doing past and present. My phone number is 865-640-3313 you may text or call and my email is taz@tazcable.com.