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Taz 2years Old
I have never been good a "selling" myself. Talking about myself. I have always written descriptive words for other people and got excited about what they were doing. I drive myself crazy, it's hard for me to be excited about me. I pour my heart and soul into what I am doing and If I can't then I won't
do it.
Jumping in head first into someone else's dream or project has put me where I am today. In a 30 year old RV named Coddiwomple Bus and traveling the country.
I grew up in a small town in Tennessee and after graduating high school I hit the road. I have done many things, except graduate college. I have attended years of Street College and often say that the School of Hard Knox - I graduated with honors.
I have always wanted to be in the business of entertainment. I seemed to always have the knack to make people laugh. My quick wit is what makes me good at what I do and also a pain the ass.

Just for fun here are the many jobs that I have had. If you would like to know what I do now or what I  can do for you then head over to the WHAT I DO NOW page.

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