EVENT: May 13th

Impromptu Event Photography Studios

Impromptu is perfect to capture the entire event or  just create keep sakes for those in attendance. Using the best in current safe technology for both quality photographs and easy delivery to you and the customer and your guest.

Guest can easily find their photos with a unique URL.

Event Neighbors 
Impromptu could not only be a great marketing asset for the event or organization but we can create campaigns for pre booking and sales and also customize some special fundraising packages and pre paid corporate packages too.
    • Arts & Craft Shows
    • Music Festivals
    • Red Carpet Events
    • Church Events
    • School Parties
    • Corporate Pick-Nics 
Why Impromptu Studios?
Fun Quality Memories are captured not only for the customer and guests to our studios but with prior arrangements our fun photos can be made available ( as fast as the WiFi) immediately for Social Media Sharing and with in minutes Media Ready photos of your events.  You can obtain access to our library for use in next years event.  

Impromptu will create a special outdoor photography studio  in a place that is  to be seen by all attendees and is easy to access - creating a fun memory for the guest. Using digital opt in and permissions we can offer professional photographs to your attendees. We upload all photos as fast as your local WiFi or Cell Services will allow. Even for Rural Areas our opt in and release methods allows us to communicate to our customers when the  uploads are available.

We can only offer, for most public events, one real life back drop and we spend about 1 to 2 minutes per set of people to get the right and best shot. We do this to get the best professional photo.

  • All Photos are Quick Edited and Loaded Every 15 minutes
  • All Registered Guests Can Request Additional edits
  • All Registered Guests Receive Printed Keep-Sakes at a Discount. 
  • All Registered Guests Can Book Sessions with no wait. 

Pictures are taken after the guest has registered. Using their account number we log the photo frames and using information obtained from the creation of the accounts give our customers direct access to download or print their photos.

When registered guests are photographed the photographer will offer that is up to 50% normal retail price at the time of their session. 
  • Social Media Profile Download $1.99 NORMALLY $5.00
  • Royalty Free Download $ 3.99 NORMALLY $9.99
  • KeepSake 5 X7's (4)
  • KeepSake 8X10
  • Home Decor Canvas 11X17
  • Home Decor Photo Board 11X17
  • KeepSake Key Chain
  • KeepSake Magnet

Customers that purchase the Photographer Offer all their pictures are saved for 90 days those that opt out of the Photographer Offer their pictures are saved for 

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