EVENT: May 13th

Small Biz Collaboration

Taz cable and his past and present life style not only qualifies him for your business but also makes him available for your business.  Living on the road in an RV makes him available most anytime and flexible enough to travel to you if your needs require it.

" I was reluctant to put this service out there, it seems that I always get ask to do things for people but there is never a value put on it. I feel that I am more valuable in this department now for any small business, my head is right." - Taz Cable Monday May1, 2016

His Linked In Profile is here:https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaseallencablejr/

Business Development $25 Hourly
Creative Collaboration : Per Job
Design or Editing : $25 Hourly
Photography: $25 Hourly
Videography: $25 Hourly
Web Development: $25 Hourly

Message Service: $15 Hr
Answering Service: $15 Hr
Web Updates: $15 Hr
Social Media Scheduling: $15 Hr

Retainer Discounts for 6, 9 12 & 18 Month Contracts

Call Taz Cable direct 865-640-3313 or schedule a zoom interview today.

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